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How will we benefit you? We identify relevant KPIs and present them in such a way that you always have an overview. We eliminate tedious copying together of data sources and unify the information for you centrally and simply.
We help you get the most out of your data!
One step ahead
It is common knowledge that data is worth its weight in gold. So it is all the more important that it is also used correctly! With real-time data analysis, you are always one step ahead of everyone else. Through targeted aggregation, exactly the key figures you are interested in are presented. Together with you, we determine important KPIs and implement the necessary algorithms.
On- and offline
We support you from automated analysis in Microsoft Excel (Power Query and Power Pivot) to data visualization with a Microsoft Power BI instance or a dashboard. Through the latter, you can also access your insights interactively from anywhere – and, of course, from any device.
Fast response
With our alerting, you are notified immediately when abnormalities are detected in your supply chain. This allows you to take immediate action and prevent escalation. Be it via email, SMS or automated phone acknowledgement – our systems keep you informed.

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Archiver The web-based platform «Archiver» automatically archives project data. In this process, all information is indexed so that it remains ready for retrieval at any time in an instant.
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