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The web-based platform «Archiver» automatically archives project data. In this process, all information is indexed so that it remains ready for retrieval at any time in an instant.

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Search everything, find everything

A simple and clear user interface allows users to search through all archived project data and output required files within seconds. The underlying engine searches over 2'000'000 indexed files for possible matches.

Irrelevant data easily sorted out

Before Archiver, the archiving process was a tedious and lengthy process, as the projects to be archived had to be selected and cleaned up manually.

Synchronization with ERP

During the automated archiving process, the Archiver platform aligns itself with the customer’s ERP and, accordingly, only displaces completed projects. In addition to indexing all files, redundant and temporary data is automatically sorted out using a stored algorithm. This prevents the archive from being overfilled with irrelevant data.

Web shop integration

End customers who have authenticated themselves via the Schmid-Fehr web shop can access the associated project data directly via the web shop’s order archive. These are provided with the Archiver platform and can be obtained directly by the end customer.

Big Wins

  • Archiving process of all data is automated
  • Flexible and fast archive search on any device
  • Reduction of data waste in the archive
  • Data retrieval by end customers via web shop
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