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Packaging calculation

Web service for calculating packaging designs from third-party systems such as production planning, ERP, and webshops.

Applikation «Verpackungskalkulation»

From Excel to REST API

KIFA AG, a company specializing in wooden packaging, used to calculate all its designs using a large number of Excel spreadsheets. The new web service allows design calculations to be performed via an interface. Among others, the PPS system Abacus as well as various webshops can now calculate packaging via this service.

Standardization of the calculation process

In addition to the programming work, we developed a standardization of the various constructions and parameters together with the customer to be able to achieve a streamlining of the portfolio in addition to the production processes. Even the Corona situation did not stop the project group from conducting efficient and goal-oriented workshops. The coffee breaks at home were a bit lonely for that …

Automated machine control

In addition to the design calculations, the API generates all the data for the machinery. This includes, among others, the CNC wood cutting machine or the "crate line": a robot that automatically assembles crates.

In interaction with the Abacus PPS system, the Web Service thus further automates and optimizes production.

Visualization with CAD-API

In the current project phase, we are working on the output of the calculations as a 3D model via CAD. This will enable employees, but also end customers, to use the calculated model for further processing or to check it visually - even without CAD software directly in the browser!

Big Wins

  • Automation of calculation processes
  • Fully integrated with PPS and webshops
  • Standardization of production
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