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LSU Document AI

Smartphone app used to scan delivery bills, analyse them via Google Cloud API and archive them directly in the customer ERP.

Google Cloud API ERP connection PWA
Process-Flow der Applikation «LSU Document AI»

Initial situation

Archiving signed delivery bills was becoming an increasingly tedious and time-consuming process for Schmid-Fehr AG. Sorting all delivery bills manually and archiving them in physical folders was not only time-consuming, but also made it impossible to quickly retrieve them from the corresponding order. However, since customers require a delivery bill in paper form, it is also impossible to do without the paper.

Document analysis with artificial intelligence

The new smartphone app makes archiving quick and easy. To do this, the freight forwarder simply opens the app and takes a photo of the signed delivery bill. In the background, artificial intelligence (Google Cloud API) reads the order number from the photo and checks whether the necessary signature is present.

OCR auf einem Lieferschein

Integrated in industry solution

If the analysis process marks the document as correct, it is attached directly to the corresponding order in the customer ERP according to the parameters read out and thus archived. Thanks to standardized interfaces, integration can be achieved in no time at all.

Big Wins

  • Elimination of unnecessary manual work
  • Signed delivery bills archived directly in ERP orders
  • Delivery bills completed directly on site at the end customer’s premises
  • Available everywhere thanks to smartphone
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