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Packaging Dashboard

A platform for order management of one of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers in the field of packaging & carpentry with various suppliers.

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* Status October 2020

From order entry to billing

The platform, developed in collaboration with KIFA AG, accepts orders in the exchange of external peripheral systems and allocates them to various contractual partners. In doing so, the system monitors progress across the entire supply chain and responds to any anomalies. The direct connection of the company’s systems eliminates redundancies and minimizes the susceptibility to errors - all within a few milliseconds.

Central hub

The dashboard created a central system for multiple companies, customers, and suppliers. This has not only standardized information flows, but also resulted in a massive efficiency gain. Administrative efforts such as manual order creation, allocation, and verification could be replaced by fully automated processes. Not a minute passes from the time a customer enters an order to the printed order in the production department of the corresponding partner.

Different needs, different views

The dashboard shows each user exactly the information they need. This applies not only to user masks, but also to any notifications via e-mail or SMS. Through a simple and intuitive visualization of the most important KPIs, all departments always keep track of the situation.

Flexible and tailored

Thanks to individual programming, the platform can evolve just like the business processes. This allows new potential to be exploited quickly.

Location and device-independent

The platform is completely web-based and therefore requires no installation. The location and device-independent use allows easy implementation in existing IT environments.

Big Wins

  • Central supply chain platform for all stakeholders
  • Uniform and central platform for 6 companies
  • Monitoring of all relevant key figures
  • Increased efficiency through automation
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