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With the Post Webservice API, large shipping tasks to Swiss Post have been made easy for Schmid-Fehr.

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Die Applikation «Post Webservice»

Reduced to the essentials

A simple, crisp user interface reduces user interactions to the essentials. Manual entry of shipping tasks for a large number of postal items led to increased error-proneness in addition to great effort.

Fast & simple

With the new Post Web Service, shipping tasks can be preconfigured and reused. This helps users enormously and eliminates repetitive work

The API interface enables the Post to do everything else in the background: requests are immediately validated, posted, and confirmed by the Post. Employees can see in an overview whether all requests have been processed correctly and are notified if there are any anomalies.

Integrated into industry solution

If the analysis process marks the document as correct, it is attached directly to the corresponding order in the customer ERP according to the parameters readout and thus archived. Thanks to standardized interfaces, integration was possible in no time.

Big Wins

  • Efficient shipping task with a low error rate
  • All order confirmations and statistics are centrally visible
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